Getting Noticed at SXSWi

Getting Noticed
at SXSWi

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Opportunity Knocks

Maximizing Marketing Impact

The Product Launch

TabbedOut chose Austin as their first market and South by Southwest (SXSW) as the perfect opportunity for their product launch. They turned to Upper Diamond for help getting people to download and explore their app in that crucial launch period.

Event Marketing

A TabbedOut party bus toured packed bars and restaurants while we encouraged celebrants to download, install and try the app at venues where we offered a variety of prizes – from Jack Johnson’s Ukulele to a Jawbone home music system.

Cross Promotion and Incentives

We created a co-promotion with the geo-local social app Loopt, also active at SXSW, to drive people to TabbedOut events. At the events we offered free drinks on the TabbedOut Tab of new users utilizing incentives to drive downloads and help them successfully launch.

Impressive Trajectory

Success Drives Adoption

Upper Diamond helped insure the product launch and subsequent video were a success. Buzz and positive word of mouth drove adoption of the app by the targeted group of early adopters.

For Tabbedout, it was just the start of an impressive trajectory. They now serve over 400 establishments nationwide.

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