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One Glazed Donut, Topped With Media Frenzy

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Glazed Donut Bistro was a new company with a literally sweet idea: a gourmet donut shop with the vibe of a Parisian café, all the way down to the wine and beer.

Advertising and promoting a new restaurant in a crowded dining scene like Los Angeles is always a special marketing challenge. And convincing patrons to try L.A. donuts at French pastry prices would require more than targeted ads on social media.

Our market research indicated our most likely (and most loyal) customers were men and women ages 22-35 in certain income brackets. Los Angeles is a city of creativity, with traditional “professionals” in law, medicine, and business, as well as artists, filmmakers, and on-set crew.

Because brand building is a specialty of our digital agency, we immediately knew our goal: a brand, mature with a sense of fun, that made it okay to experience the comfort food of donuts with the elegance and grace of high-end dining experience.

press and reviews for Glazed Donut Bistro by digital marketing agency Upper Diamond for advertising, social media

Los Angeles might have just broken the internet… Lovers of sweet and savory treats are going absolutely crazy….”

– Phoenix NewTimes

“Donuts AND Alcohol? can we move in?
No, seriously, can we?”

Targeting The Audience

We identified three main challenges: developing the brand story, articulating it with specifics for a unique in-restaurant dining experience, and teasing the brand in social media and other digital marketing to make donut connoisseurs and other foodies curious — and craving donuts.

The juxtaposition of opposites — donuts as artisanal pastries, sweet vs. savory, craft beers and premium wines and Dom Perignon — certainly got our attention.

We thought our potential diners would think so, too. We came up with a short, memorable tagline that captured all of it in three words:

” Donuts for GrownUps “

Visuals combined the innovation of these artisanal creations with the celebratory backdrop of champagne, select wines, and micro-brews.

We designed the experience as a special event that did more than satisfy a momentary donut binge. We teased top media outlets with exclusive first looks and enforced a specific release schedule for their articles.

Getting my @TUMSweets and heading to @Donuts4Grownups RIGHT NOW. OMG. This MUST be what heaven looks like.

We developed follow-up stories to seed more articles to build momentum online — donuts as over-the-top as the characters Hollywood creates. Audiences were sharing “donut selfies” even before their first visit. Once we expanded channels for our marketing message in more media, the demand was already there — all Glazed Donut Bistro had to do was supply it!

online reviews and social media for Glazed Donut Bistro by digital marketing agency Upper Diamond for advertising

“I can’t say for sure,
but I think this place might be heaven”


For the in-store experience to translate online, we used professional hero shots of all the images framed with a subtle, earth-tone backdrop to make them pop for hip foodies.

Leveraging an award-winning third-wave coffee partner, we activated the brand across multiple platforms for a lifestyle community that felt exclusive and mysterious.

donut with berries for Glazed Donut Bistro by digital marketing agency Upper Diamond for advertising, social media
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