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Series of Commercials

Pointing Out What The market Really Needs

When you are positioning your product against the 800-pound gorilla, sometimes a little humor is a powerful weapon to use, and one that can go viral.

Mortar, a San Francisco based agency, brought us in to add our creativity to these spots, produce and direct them.


When the gorilla, or in this case, the robot, is Microsoft we say go big with the humor! To get the attention of the highly skeptical audience we satirically pointed out that the Robot’s one-size fits all approach shows that they have no real idea what this specific market needs.

“Not Real Bright”

What should be simple has become crazy complicated

The first video got across the point that a big clunky program that does a whole lot of stuff doesn’t necessarily get the right stuff done or the way you need it. The bottom line is that what should be simple has become crazy complicated. See for yourself.

“Dysfunction Junction”

Playing nicely with others

When you are integrating a new team member or adding a new piece of software it has to play nicely with others, or there will be problems. Our client’s product plays nicely, the big guy competition’s doesn’t know how to… with humorous results.

“Who’s Your Daddy?”

Everything but the Kitchen sink

When you think you ordered a software package tailored to your needs but what you got is everything including the kitchen sink sometimes you have to ask, “Who’s your Daddy?”

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