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Producing The Purr-fect Web Series


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Scripted Content Custom-Made For Sharing

SoulPancake is a media company that creates content across various platforms. They “explore life’s big questions, celebrate humanity, and champion creativity.”

When ABC Network ordered a web series for its streaming service ABC Digital, SoulPancake turned to our digital agency in Los Angeles for our experience in original film and video production and with talented film and TV professionals — like producer Michael Bachmann of Page Six TV and Fox’s smash hit Dish Nation — and director Megan Raney (Godfather of Pittsburgh). They wanted to create scripted comedy for very targeted content-binging audiences online that would fit their brand.

Social media and web virality in scripted content is not accidental. For the series to catch on, we needed to craft a “hook” that would capitalize on fun and exciting things already on visitors’ minds — a concept that eventually would grab the attention of a major pop star.

We knew just what to do.

Sitting Cat

Enter “KAT” (and Enter Pop Music Star Kesha… )

Our heroine, Katherine, realizes her life is at a dead end. She’s 23, with a lot of ambition but few skills and even fewer career opportunities. She’s broke and her parents won’t lend her another cent. But she’s got a great job at an uber-hip agency — so maybe that’s her shot at success!

Oh — and she’s a cat. Literally a cat.

(Imagine Carrie in Sex and the City — or Aria in Pretty Little Liars — or Hannah in HBO’s Girls. But, y’know, as a cat.) Then imagine the voice and personality of music sensation KESHA behind her!

Our concept ticked all the boxes of great web content the audiences love to share: comedy, cat videos, beautiful young people (with problems you can relate to). And Kesha. Did we mention Kesha?


Cat Videos

Beautiful People


Cat with sunglasses

Writing Social Media Into The Script

We designed the series as digitally native and integrating social sharing opportunities throughout each episode. Scenes were crafted to be shared instantly as GIFs or memes — complete with their own hashtags so social media users could find them instantly.

We outlined, wrote, and produced 10 episodes of 3 minutes each that touched on all areas of life — joy, sadness, fear, ambition, absurdity, and the thrilling dread of stepping out into the real world as an adult, not knowing if you’re really ready for it.

And Kesha voiced our title character! (ICYMI: She’s got a knack for comedy.)

Kesha in promotional graphic from KAT web series for ABC and SoulPancake by video production company Upper Diamond for digital audiences

A KAT-tastic Hit

From scripting and casting to production and postproduction services, we managed “KAT” to an amazing viral launch (with help from Kesha on Twitter and Instagram) and many repeat viewings of all the episodes.

cat in different outfits and locations in KAT web series for ABC and SoulPancake by video production company Upper Diamond for digital audiences
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