Global Recruiting: helping attract top talent

Global Recruiting:
helping attract top talent

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Boeing & Disney Recruiting Campaigns

Getting top talent excited about company culture

TMP Worldwide works with Global 500 companies to extend their brands and company cultures both internally and externally to new recruits. Their challenge: how to sell Disney and Boeing to new prospective employees in a way that will capture their hearts and minds… and do it better than Boeing or Disney might on their own?

By presenting Boeing as being driven by the spirit of adventure, and Disney as a place where magic happens, we created recruiting videos that captured the cultures of these storied companies in a way that would inspire top talent to work for them.


Spirit of Adventure

For a company like Boeing, product development can be a massive undertaking. In order to launch the Dreamliner 787 they needed more, highly skilled and employees with specialized skill sets. TMP needed to attract the right type of candidates- who thrive on innovation and literally have what it takes to get great ideas off the ground.

Focusing on the core company values and a history of innovation we helped TMP produce a video that delivers the excitement and rewards that come with working at a company like Boeing- making things fly, humanitarian missions, space travel. A place where you can leverage the spirit of adventure you had a child to change the world.


Where Magic Happens

With a media business as global and diverse as Disney how do you sell it as a company connected by a common, inspiring theme in a way that would make people want to join the team?

We developed the script with our partner, focusing on the magic that creates Disney experiences – from theme parks to movies, TV and sporting events Disney is a place where dreams become reality.

With footage from all the great experiences that are Disney, set to a custom score we delivered a video that positioned Disney as a place where “Dreams Come True” and “Magic Happens”- in a video worthy of a media giant like Disney.

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