Explaining a complex value proposition

Custom Learning Solutions, Education


Complex Yet Targeted

Sometimes the hardest part of making a sale is getting all the stakeholders on same page

Getting everyone onboard for a large, multi-year purchase can be challenging – in this case, a learning-based assessment system that helps teachers focus on the strategies that most effectively impact student achievement.

CTB asked us to create an interactive product tour to highlight the features and benefits, while addressing the concerns of all stakeholders: education directors, school administrators, teachers and parents.

CTB Acuity Student

I just went through the whole tour and it’s truly amazing. It really came together. Maybe I am too close to this product, but I would say it’s beautiful to watch and listen to and is a really premier piece. If I could give you an Oscar for Best Director I would.”

– Pamela Jane Polk, Product Marketing Manager, CTB/McGraw-Hill

Deep Experience In Learning

Matching Message to Audience

Our deep experience in learning and education made us the ideal partner.

We listened carefully to make sure we conveyed the right information to each audience, in an academically rigorous, yet engaging way.


Discovering The Design

Exploring Creative Concepts

Aligned to Product Differentiators

We listened to our client’s experience with the divergent customer groups and discussed some preliminary analysis before creating a thorough Creative Brief with three overarching themes, each aligned to key product differentiators: Snapshots, Focus and Growth.

Strong Visual & Conceptual Metaphor

They chose “Snapshots” – loving the idea of grabbing snapshots of the student/classroom/school through out the year to assess, compare and show progress. Going with a strong visual and conceptual metaphor helped us increase the impact of the Acuity story.

Modular Means Maintainable

Approach Pays Dividends

Per Audience Design

In producing the product tour we complimented the design with stimulating animation and rich imagery, targeting the diverse audiences while keeping each marketing message short and to the point.

Content Update Path

Our modular approach to the product tour paid dividends for CTB when they wanted to update it to reflect changes to their product. No problem! We were able to update the tour with a fraction of the effort (and cost) required to create the original tour.


Product Results

Program Screens

Use of animation, colors and shapes strengthens brand identity.


Integrated product images show potential customers how the product will work.


Animated graphics reinforce key messages.

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