Custom E-Learning Creates Value For Employees

Custom E-Learning Creates Value For Employees

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Developing A Custom Training Curriculum

Better Planning, Better Results

If you are one of the world’s top three management consulting firms, pitching for worldwide contracts billed at 8-figures-plus annually, every proposal is vital. You face intense competition in corporate “bake offs” — and only the winners go home with anything to show for their efforts.

Plus — when high-potential associates are leaving the company because they don’t feel they have enough contact with partners, and thus opportunities for one-on-one soft skills learning you are risking not developing a great future generation of partners.

The challenge: Bain & Co. partners have zero free time in their schedules to engage in something that feels like corporate training. Any custom e-learning solution would have to both improve deal wins and drive higher satisfaction scores from newer members indicating better employee retention down the line. Our approach was to integrate social learning between partners and consultants into a new process of planning, briefing and de-briefing so that the emphasis wasn’t on training but instead on a more effective meeting prep through execution process. This was rolled out globally as e-learning curriculum and keynote speaker events.

The Training Challenge

How To Improve Business Communication and Team Cohesion

Because of our many years of experience in developing and delivering training for the U.S. Air Force in the Persian Gulf and around the world, we partnered with Anthony “A.B.” Bourke of Mach 2 Consulting to create a curriculum and produce a series of corporate videos to make teams feel more inclusive, more advanced in their business learning, and more effective in their presentations.

Captain Bourke was a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force and in the reserves for 20 years. He patrolled the skies over New York after 9/11. We adapted protocols that had been effective with the Air Force and custom-designed an e-learning program for Bain & Co. partners and associates.

Using Bain & Co. employees as onscreen talent, we shot on location in Europe and North America — Paris, Stockholm, Houston, Atlanta, and San Francisco. We managed preproduction and postproduction at our digital agency in Los Angeles.

By implementing organizing principles for all levels of the team to meet and work together, associates and partners learned to value each other’s strengths and experiences. Associates loved the interactivity and practical scenarios in the new process and business training videos. They gave higher job satisfaction scores over time and the company reduced attrition. Partners loved their custom e-learning, too — and they certainly loved winning more bake offs!

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