Building an impactful course for a global audience

Building an impactful course for a global audience

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Instructional Design

Making Compliance Engaging
Diverse Employee Cultures

Given our client’s recent growth into new markets and diverse employee cultures, we recognized the importance of ensuring their company values, ethics, and standard of conduct were understood and embraced by all.

Experienced Storytellers

Our challenge: making dry compliance content interesting and memorable. We drew on our experience as storytellers to create impactful scenarios that illustrated the conduct and values the course intended to affect and designed engaging activities to reinforce learning.


Audience Engagement

Video Host Delivers Key Messages

Connecting to Learners

To deliver the training, we chose to use a video host who could connect with the global employee audience, while delivering the big picture messages central to the course.

Design Reinforces Brand

The design reinforced the client’s brand, and included some nice usability touches too, such as custom iconography and the ability to advance through the 45 minute course more quickly by reading caption text.


SCORM Compliant

Custom Instructional Activities

We began by creating the interactive instructional activities, and integrated these into the SCORM-compliant course.

Progress Based Navigation

The final course featured a scored final exam and progress-based navigation to allow learners to review completed sections at any time.


Product Results

Reaching The Global Audience

Getting Started

Crisp visual design engages the learner from the very first moment.


Immediate Feedback

Learners receive immediate feedback during the final exam, including suggestions on which sections to review.

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