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Helping managers add coaching skills to accelerate effectiveness


PDI Ninth House/KornFerry, needed a custom e-learning program to help managers be more effective with coaching techniques. They had massive data based on over 40 years of experience in helping clients identify, develop, and promote leaders however they didn’t have a course to help train leaders on their deepest insights around incorporating coaching into leadership.

Coaching is a long-term and ongoing proposition so we had to find the right balance for a one hour coaching course and a series of follow up micro learning assets to communicate the most crucial insights. It starts with listening and assessing and leads to changing the overall dynamic of their leadership conversations.

Leveraging Experts: Getting the story right

We collaboratively developed curriculum to develop “Leader As Coach” course structure with interactive exercises, video simulations, and great storytelling — interviews with renowned executive coaches and authors. We decided that leveraging their often well known coaches was crucial for relatability, respect and to overcome the skepticism of high potentials who often want to feel they are receiving special access.

At the core of the program was a diverse set of video assets that we shot in Singapore, Paris, Chicago, and San Francisco. This allowed us to capture a variety of approaches reflecting different cultural sensitivities as well as a diverse set of coaches that helped us make a truly global course. We leveraged each shoot to create material for the course and to make a series of following up drip learning assets that were bite size reflections on specific subject areas. We then created a delivery calendar so these smaller assets could support ongoing learning. To help the rollout we produced four different trailers highlighting benefits of the course to buyers, managers, and learners.

The Rollout

Creating A Global Feel

The combination of international locations and leading experts from everywhere created of feeling of worldwide excellence but also individual, one-on-one contributions to teams. The four trailers drew employees faster — and made them more excited to learn — than memos or management directives.

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