Targeted Making Managers More Responsive To Teams

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Experience and Engagement

Producing Video Assets and Marketing An E-Learning Course


PDI Ninth House, a management consulting firm, needed a custom e-learning program to help managers be more effective with coaching techniques. The company didn’t want to turn managers into coaches, however — coaching is a long-term and ongoing proposition that takes tremendous commitment.

Demonstrated Value

We helped develop the “Leader As Coach” course with interactive exercises, video simulations, and great storytelling — interviews with renowned executive coaches and authors.

We shot video on three continents — in Singapore, Paris, Chicago, and San Francisco. Along with video and other digital assets for the custom e-learning series, we produced four different trailers highlighting benefits of the course to buyers, managers, and learners.

The Rollout

Creating A Global Feel

The combination of international locations and leading experts from everywhere created of feeling of worldwide excellence but also individual, one-on-one contributions to teams. The four trailers drew employees faster — and made them more excited to learn — than memos or management directives.

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