Remaking An Icon In Management Training

Remaking An Icon In Management Training

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An All-Digital Generation

Younger Managers Learn Better With Stories

The Ken Blanchard Companies wanted to relaunch their flagship management training course Situational Leadership II (SLII). They needed to update their core intellectual property for a 21st century learning environment.

Our experience with custom eLearning solutions in corporate training, auto sales, and other niche learning made our digital agency the perfect fit. In Los Angeles, one of the largest business centers in the country, we are at the hub of management training in the U.S.

Boosting E-Learning With Video

Strategy early in developing the new course was key. We mapped out how video and other media would energize the learning process, no matter whether students enrolled in online learning or in-person seminars.

Telling A Management Story

Managing staff over the course of a day can have several turning points. We visualized that with a 30-minute short film, with different segments appearing at each part of the course.

Characters In Context

To add impact to the story, our characters appeared in manager and report vignettes, as well as in personal statement videos, and capped off each particular lesson.

Television Quality Content

Raising the bar for the SLII course relaunch

TV & Film Professionals

Our two television writers with produced credits worked with us and Blanchard’s team to create the dramatic piece, along with 18 shorter videos with clear instructions for managers.

Shooting Schedule

Management training experience, a clear strategy, and great writing only get you so far without TV-quality video production value. We budgeted for a quick shoot, considering the amount of material we were filming — 8 days, 13 different actors, multiple setups in office sets and soundstages, with dozens of extras for a more realistic atmosphere.


We managed video editing, color correction, sound mixing — plus we added a custom musical score that students would remember after the course.

A Huge Hit

Creating Valuable Points Of Conversation In Training

Managers loved the updated course and cited our videos as useful topics for open-ended discussion and sharing. Some were so impressed, they took the course home to manage their families! (But you can’t send your kids away for sensitivity training.)

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