Coupling e-learning design and star power

Coupling e-learning design
and star power

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Creating Custom Content

Adapting great principles to fit a global culture

When Anthony Bourke,  CEO & Founder of Mach 2 Consulting, was looking for a partner to work with him in developing video and e-learning solutions he chose Upper Diamond.

We worked together on a year-long project for a  global  consulting firm that took us across Europe,  Asia, and the United States, and with a domestic automobile repair company with over 240 franchisees.

Upper Diamond combines technical expertise in video and interactivity with strategic experience about designing and building successful programs. They are best in class collaborators when it comes to understanding the culture of the client’s organization as well as our IP. Together we found a way to deliver great programs that exceeded the client’s expectations.”

– Anthony Bourke

Launching an E-Learning Star

Technical expertise combined with strategic experience
Anthony Bourke of Mach 2 (various) for Ken Blanchard SLII by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning solution

Peak Performance

Bourke, who has traveled the globe sharing his message of “Peak Performance” with over 50,000 people in nine different countries, knows a lot about what it takes to successfully win clients among the world’s top organizations. What he needed was a partner to help him shape his message for videos and e-learning courses.

Drawing on our extensive background in learning and development, we worked with Bourke to develop a strategy to tailor his material to the specific needs of his clients. We filmed at client offices around the world and crafted courses that showed how Bourke’s business principles could integrate with different company cultures.

Upper Diamond helped Mach 2 develop their website content as well, producing videos that capture Bourke in action in interactive keynote speeches. These have successfully  marketed Bourke as a speaker, consultant, and e-learning star.

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