Sales Training Aligned to Product Marketing

Sales Training Aligned
to Product Marketing

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Pre-sales Training

Our long-term client asked us to help launch their new product.

CTB/McGraw-Hill brought us an interesting challenge.

They were about to launch a new product and needed to get the story out to their customers and partners. The product and marketing materials were still in development, with changes expected up to the last minute.

In addition to a customer-facing, interactive product tour, we proposed creating an engaging Pre-sales Training to prepare the sales team to talk to their customers about the new product.

The Strategy Document

Internal Sales & Customer Alignment

Aligning what and how you connect to your customers and to your internal sales team has great benefits but it’s not always easily synchronized.

Vetting The Ideas

We talked with key sales people, product managers, customer service and marketers. This data drove our plan, our conception of the design and the assets we built.

An Integrated Approach

We recommended an integrated approach where a single production team would create sales and marketing tools for the product launch.

The solution would feature two components with substantial reuse of content – a high-impact pre-sales training product for a variety of internal audiences and an engaging online product tour for customers – and allow us to execute quickly and save the client money.

Flexible Training

Training Product Supports Instructor-led and Self-paced Scenarios

A key aspect of our delivery design was the inclusion of a video host to unify the experience for all delivery scenarios. This flexbility turned out to be essential, with the majority of the sales reps receiving training at a pre-launch conference, while others attended webinars or took the course as self-paced training.

Following training, the presentation was available on DVD for self-study and baked-in sales support materials that were approved for use with clients.


Just-In-Time Execution

Just-in-time Execution Delivers Exceptional Results

Now we had to make it happen! Here is the value of boutique company that spans the disciplines of strategy, creative, copy writing, instructional design, production and technical expertise.

We put into action a top notch team designed to cover all the bases. The result was a stunning presentation delivered in just six weeks!


Self-directed Learning

Users can explore the content on their own to reinforce learning.


Instructional Design

Instructional design reinforces competitive position.


Exceptional Results

Effective Training Delivered Quickly

CTB trained their sales reps quickly and effectively, and supported them with a follow-on DVD resource. The materials formed the basis for customer service training as well.

Upper Diamond went on to create the LAS Links Online product tour, saving CTB time and money by leveraging work created for the course.

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