Creating an effective online solution

Creating an effective
online solution

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Marketing Campaign Support

Introducing partners and clients to an online version of an existing program

When publisher CTB/McGraw-Hill launched an online version of their widely-used educational assessment solution, they came to us for video and interactive media to support their marketing.

For CTB/McGraw-Hill’s product LAS Links Online we created several assets as part of the marketing launch campaign.

This video was in-depth as it was geared for partners and existing clients already familiar with the overall product line but not this new product.

Marketing Microsite

An interactive microsite with individually launchable elements

Educational assessment software is a major purchase for a school district, so administrators and educators want a thorough understanding of how the product works before they will seriously consider it.

We built an interactive microsite to inform customers about the features and benefits of LAS Links Online through voiceover and animated course graphics. Individually launch-able sections of the site allowed users to drill down for more information in the areas they cared about most.

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