A Unique onboarding program

A Unique
onboarding program

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The Chevron Way

Exploring the distinctive company culture

For PDI Ninth House and their client Chevron we produced a series of videos of real Chevron employees talking about their careers at Chevron and “the Chevron Way.”

Their distinctive culture is cherished internally, and by capturing the voices of old hands we helped them in their efforts to share that experience with new hires.

‘What’s In It For Me’ Video Series

Animated introductions provide an overview of the courses

We also produced a series of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) videos for the course, giving a broad overview of the material to new employees while
getting them excited about it.

The content was limited to existing photos and we had to stick closely to brand guidelines, but we enjoy those challenges and feel that we can get the message out in a compelling manner under all circumstances.

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