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Quality Video Production Solutions — From Script To Finished Product

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Our roots in film and video production trace back to credits on hit shows like Seinfeld and successful marketing campaigns for movie and TV projects at every major studio.

Collectively we’ve been there every step of the way providing management and full production services that range from pre-, physical, and post-production — and encompass editing, publicity, and branded content solutions — as well as influencer and social media marketing across all popular distribution channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

That same commitment to quality goes into our corporate videos and management training and e-learning solutions, too.

Our team believes in a collaborative approach to designing, building, and producing videos and films with great stories that bring entertainment properties into the conversation.

Producing our digital web series Kat for ABC in partnership with SoulPancake showed off our abilities to deliver quality content appealing to Gen Z and Millennial audiences online. Combining comedy, cat videos, beautiful people, and Kesha, all aligned with the ABC brand, grabbed the attention of a young, digital-binging demographic.

montage of digital content incl KAT web series and The Hunger Games experience marketing by video production company Upper Diamond


Boosting Car Sales By bringing together car buyers and Car Salespeople

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Our work in auto sales training and auto sales management e-learning puts us in the lanes, on the lots, and in the showrooms across America. We’ve created car sales video education and B2B marketing for Cox Automotive Media Group, Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, vAuto, Manheim, and Carstar, with auto collision repair facilities in over 30 states.

New technologies for car buying and car selling have altered consumer preferences for pre-purchase research, and new buying patterns are emerging. But the tremendous growth in car sales over the past several years has plateaued — and we are helping our clients overcome this reality with both strategy work and marketing communications across B2B, B2C, and B2E channels to stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve helped launch products at NADA and Auto Expo and develop products for Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets, created campaigns to connect with B2B and B2C audiences via social media and in-store collateral, developed a cutting-edge digital retailing experience app, and created learning and development solutions for internal audiences and dealerships nationwide.

auto sales training solutions for Kelley Blue Book by car dealer training and digital marketing agency Upper Diamond for corporate e-learning

Learning & Development

We Help Companies Adapt And Move Forward

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We’ve worked with business training leaders like Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, FranklinCovey, David Allen, and Peter Senge to turn their flagship properties into interactive experiences. We’ve produced videos to enliven management training and dramatize real-world situations. And we’ve learned from the leading lights about creating change on organizational and individual levels.

We helped guide the re-launch of Ken Blanchard’s industry favorite Situational Leadership II course, starting with our educational insights on the product itself. And we produced more than 90 minutes of TV-quality scripted video and made the e-learning process clear, memorable, and relevant to business training.

custom learning solutions montage by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for e-learning, digital marketing, internal marketing, culture change


Launching Products, Branding Startups, And Full-Service Marketing

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Breaking through the noise in app marketing, startup marketing, and business launches to create a story that will resonate is always a challenge. We’ve worked with a variety of companies with complicated value positions in emerging technologies. We are skilled at understanding your solution “out of the gate,” listening to your company goals, and crafting a compelling and authentic marketing mix that plays to the right audience for your campaign.

Our experiential marketing campaigns have helped startups make a splash at events such as SXSWi, and our videos have successfully launched companies such as Blue Jeans Network at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

technology marketing montage for digital marketing agency Upper Diamond for startups, branding, social media, advertising, product launches

Healthcare, Biotech & Pharma

Training Solutions For Medical Professionals

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health care training solutions for Kaiser Permanente by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning solutions, e-learning

Breakthroughs in medical device technology, reorganizing healthcare systems, and communicating with your network of providers result in constant change in healthcare management training needs.

With over a decade in medical learning and development, we’ve produced interactive courses and instructional videos to promote culture change in healthcare organizations. Our AIDET course for Kaiser Permanente Hawaii contributed to increasing their revenues from the federal government and boosting their national customer service ranking. The management feedback course we built for Johnson & Johnson is in its third year of use.

health care montage for Kaiser Permanente by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for health care e-learning, custom learning solutions

Finance & Venture Capital

Investing In Your Marketing Message Pays Off

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montage of press, promotions, and reviews for NEA venture capital by corporate training and digital marketing agency Upper Diamond

Whether you’re looking to raise money, communicate with limited partners about the progress of a fund, or talk to the marketplace about complicated financial instruments, we have the experience to deliver your message.

For nearly 10 years we’ve consulted on media strategy and corporate communications for top venture capital firms like NEA and Scale VP, producing video assets to pull off very successful LP meetings. We work closely with PR firms, investor relations firms, and banks creating pre-IPO roadshow videos and supporting larger marketing campaigns.

One of our faves: creating a 7-story tall animation for the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square to promote Cornerstone’s amazingly successful IPO!

Benjamin Wells for finance marketing campaign by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning solutions, video production
Lorenzo Thione for finance marketing campaign by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning solutions, video production


Connecting Brands To Customers

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Global Activation Campaign

Whether your focus is value, luxury, or your own hip vibe, you know what your guests like to eat and how they like to sleep. Our corporate training video courses and hospitality marketing communicate the differentiators that matter and help your team stay on the same brand page.

When Hilton Garden Inn built a new business networking site for their general managers, the company brought us on board to develop and produce an activation campaign for their global launch. The response was so overwhelming, HGI doubled the scope of the corporate network.

restaurant marketing and hotel manager training montage by digital marketing and corporate training agency Upper Diamond

Marketing, Brand Ambassador Training & Operations Consulting

Regional restaurant chain Baby Blues BBQ wanted to take their brand — and sales — to the next level. We helped them define their brand identity, developed and executed an online and offline marketing strategy, amped up their social media profile, and vastly expanded their market reach.

Because of our experience in corporate training and business e-learning, we knew management and staff — the literal faces of the brand — were key to success. To make them true brand ambassadors, we created a business training standards document that clarified what management expected of employees at all times in all areas of the company, improved managers’ communication skills, and made customer service and a top priority for ongoing improvement.


We Make Businesses Run Better

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When your client wants to build a business communications solution to implement a change initiative, develop new internal capabilities with digital corporate training, or produce video demonstrating new company-wide protocols and communication skills — we can assist you with delivering killer solutions to any business challenge.

Our experience — with custom e-learning solutions for business, film and video production in digital corporate training solutions as well as original scripted content for consumers, and app marketing, event marketing, social media marketing, and more — lets you know you can rely on us to get up to speed on your project in any industry — then help you race it to the finish line.

consultation and video production montage for corporate training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning solutions, e-learning


Communicating A Distinct Sales Message

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education training and marketing montage for corporate training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning solutions, e-learning

Buying decisions for education solutions in schools can be complicated. Whether it’s Directors of Curriculum, principals, teachers, or parents, we know how to communicate clear messages to all of them and market your products and services.

We’ve worked with CTB/McGraw-Hill on several initiatives for different audiences, including producing marketing videos for a new testing solution for administrators, building interactive teacher training demos for new software, and multimedia decks to make sales teams more efficient.

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