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Created Especially For Your Business

Our experience in corporate training has made our digital agency first choice with giants in their own industries: U.S. Air Force, Bain & Company, and Rambus, to name a few. Our work with Kelley Blue Book updated a 100-year-old brand and transformed them into an indispensable digital resource for car sales training and car dealer education.

We can design e-learning curriculum, produce in-person education events, develop blended learning programs, and we are experts at working collaboratively towards a solution with impact.

Whether you need to train first-time managers with technical backgrounds but little management experience — or train longtime executives with new technologies — we can craft a custom e-learning solution for your business.

Multimedia With Impact You Can Measure

Engaging visual design, compelling film and video production, interactive puzzles and games, and custom quiz-feedback loops boost e-learning and increase productivity.

Our company offices in Los Angeles give us access to top talent in all aspects of production and post production, from script writing to film editing and more.

AIDET montage for Kaiser Permanente by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for e-learning, custom learning solutions

We Help You Make It. Then We Help You Launch It.

How the best designed e-learning program in the world is launched is as important as what it delivers. We customize your rollout campaign to deliver the most impact and create lasting buy-in.

At Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, we produced compelling trailer-style videos focusing on benefits to employees (specific to their company culture), then launched internal OE and L&D websites featuring a new approach to e-learning.

Our custom e-learning program taught competencies from a new perspective. We even added thrilling “news”-like video about a first-in-the-nation breakthrough everyone could be proud of.

The Results

AIDET campaign results for Kaiser Permanente by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for e-learning, custom learning solutions

Over a 4 year period, KP Hawaii’s national survey scores improved from #47 to #18!

Brand Development

Tell Your Company’s Story

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Branding & Marketing Strategy

We’ve developed branding and marketing strategy for companies in many different industries, from Silicon Valley startups to national restaurant chains. We use data — lots of data — to power our creative successes. We don’t create a digital marketing plan, schedule a video shoot, or produce a management training program without audience data to back us up.

Whether you’re refreshing your company’s brand, launching a new product or service, or issuing an IPO — we take the nuances of your products and positioning and distill all of it into clear, concise messaging that gets audiences’ attention.

Award-Winning Film & Video Production

Our agency’s expertise in film and video production creates memorable stories, brand ambassadors, and Point Of Sale moments that sell.

We have produced product launch videos for BlueJeans Network and CTB/McGraw-Hill, we’ve produced live event media for NEA, executive interviews for Groupon and Care.com, sizzle videos for Disney and Boeing, and many more.

press, promotions, and reviews for Glazed Donut Bistro by digital marketing agency Upper Diamond for social media marketing, more

Social Media Marketing

Reaching Consumers Where They Live

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Let Them Know You’re Listening

More and more people are discovering brands for the first time on the web and social media. It’s vital to make that first impression count — and keep them coming back for more.

When customers can communicate with a favorite brand on social media — and know they’re being heard — that creates a dynamic relationship that pays off in repeat business. Our social media marketing campaigns, like this one, have enabled brands to build and maintain customer loyalty.

Connect With Audiences, Wherever They Are

Effective social media marketing and promotion has spectacular graphics, laser-focus copywriting, and clear, memorable messaging that makes users click and share. We’ve created viral marketing content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more; on location and in stores; even on the side of a skyscraper in Times Square!

More Than Just A Website And Facebook Page

Our social media and influencer marketing campaigns for Glazed Donut Bistro opened the Los Angeles restaurant to lines of donut fans out the door. Our often-quoted “Doughnuts For Grownups” tagline articulated the sophisticated new take on a classic comfort food (even offering Dom Perignon with donuts to grab media share across social channels and bring fans through the doors).

LeAnn Rimes Cibrian, Jill Wagner, Facebook, Twitter, Baby Blues BBQ, digital marketing agency Upper Diamond, social media

Collaboration with Leading Brands In E-Learning

Videos Make Management Training Stick

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For 20 years we’ve worked with business gurus like Tom Peters, Peter Senge, and FranklinCovey to adapt their management training and sales training courses to multimedia for 21st century learners.

Our work in interactive video has driven student success with real-world scenarios that make their choices matter. Plus we’ve produced award-winning short films that have helped companies stay agile and made their employees ready for anything the future throws at them.

montage of e-learning successes incl Anthony Bourke for Mach 2, Ken Blanchard, PDI Ninth House by corporate training agency Upper Diamond

E-Learning For The 21st Century

The Ken Blanchard Companies turned to our digital agency to relaunch their signature management training course, Situational Leadership II (SLII). We worked with them on executive learning design and script writing — and we produced 19 videos for more than 90 minutes of TV-quality vignettes for learning in context.

Your Most Effective Partner

For e-learning companies that don’t have a top-notch video production department, we can help you produce a video-rich program with award-winning quality. Or we can create a custom e-learning program that works for one of your clients and can be sold to others down the line.

We partnered with Mach 2 Consulting to produce custom video stories for management consulting firm Bain & Company and their enterprise training program. We focused on capturing the client’s unique workplace environment and conducted shoots across the U.S. and Europe. We supported the launch of this custom e-learning program with a live activation campaign at their global partners’ summit.

Startup Branding & Marketing

Only One Chance to Make a First Impression

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A Vision And A Plan

Introducing new products and companies is our specialty — and one of our favorites.

We’ve helped businesses with new products, we’ve launched startups, and we’ve made older brands new again with full-service branding campaigns.

We measure all of it, whether digital or live, with metrics that make sure you hit your goals.

We Show You Off To The Marketplace

Our videos introduced tech startup BlueJeans Network with a worldwide launch. Our work with NEA, the country’s largest venture capital firm, puts us in constant contact with emerging companies. We mentor entrepreneurs with StartOut, too.

Strategy is essential to revamping your brand. We presented a new branding and marketing approach to Baby Blues BBQ that refined the essence of their brand across their social media, website, and restaurant locations.

NEA Weezer Event

Mobile Media

Social, Local, and Mobile Marketing — The Triple Crown

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Connecting Fans With Brands

For many companies, app marketing is still new. We’ve been converting users into brand ambassadors since they put the first smartphones in their hands.

For the Chris Brown and Trey Songz national tour, we developed and launched the official BTS tour app. The app combined the social feeds of not just the tour stars but also those of other socially relevant influencers who drive this demographic.

We also created contests and an overall campaign to enliven the community around the shared passion for music. Fans loved it — and bought out shows across the country.

From Mobile to Local

We also use apps to help brands connect with consumers at the local level. When Loopt re-launched their social geolocal app at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), we organized a two-day series of events to spotlight merchants’ ability to offer targeted deals to users in their area.

Geotargeted giveaways led to “flash mob” parties at SXSWi. Even better — Loopt’s moving into social commerce convinced financial services company Green Dot to acquire the startup.

montage of mobile devices for NBA, Sprite, BTS Tour app by mobile marketing company Upper Diamond for social media, experience marketing

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