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A strategy driven digital agency dedicated to elevating conversations that deliver maximum results in learning, marketing and content creation.

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Over 20 years of pioneering digital solutions and APP DEVELOPMENT.

We work directly with the leading lights in the LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT space: Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, FranklinCovey, David Allen. We work with SMBs and F500 companies like McGraw-Hill, US Air Force, Goldman Sachs and Salesforce with whom we just won the top Brandon Hall Award in 2017.

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Nowadays there’s more channels and more data to sift through to understand audience needs.

We love to leverage data and in its absence, we have the experience of having climbed the mountain before. We delight in helping you connect with customers – whether through product launch, an IPO or refreshing a familiar brand, we get the conversation started and make it visual.

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Content Creation harnesses the power of story, beauty & anti-beauty and individual context.

Honestly, everyone talks about being storytellers and we’ve been hired by ABC, Soulpancake, Lionsgate and Samsung, among others, to create narratives or experiences that resonate with highly critical audiences. Stories should connect and speak for themselves whether with humor aimed at Millennials like Kat or inspiration embracing everyone’s heart like Manning Up.


We love the geeky analytical stuff as much as the creative and it pays off!

At Google, they have a great term for it:

SMART CREATIVE: (n.) intellectually versatile, combining technical depth with business savvy and creative flair.

“David Spitzer and the team at Upper Diamond are what we had in mind when we coined the term Smart Creative and they are always welcome at Google.”

Jonathan Rosenberg
Co-author of How Google Works with Eric Schmidt 
man and woman in car dealer lot for Kelley Blue Book by auto sales training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning

Marketing Automotive

Kelley Blue Book tasked us with developing and executing a marketing plan to define their strategy and re-position the brand for today’s consumer.

health care professional and patient for Kaiser Permanente by corporate training agency Upper Diamond for custom learning

Learning Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente didn’t have the reach to cover in-person training and customer service across clinics on the islands. We developed an interactive, multimedia course that reinforced teaching through real-world scenarios and reflected Hawaiian work culture.

employee with custom learning solution for Salesforce by corporate training and digital video production agency Upper Diamond

Learning Learning

Two core values at Salesforce are working independently and gender neutrality. We developed an app that supports and empowers one engineer to do the job of two. The launch video’s lead character combines characteristics of both genders and in their “nerd-culture” – that’s cool!

Jess Varley, Javicia Leslie, and Jake Matthews in KAT web series for ABC and SoulPancake by video production company Upper Diamond

Content Entertainment

ABC sought out a new short-form series to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z. We delivered a webseries that checked off all the boxes of digital hits: comedy, cat videos, beautiful people, and a Global Pop Sensation.

bbq sandwich for Baby Blues BBQ by digital marketing agency Upper Diamond for advertising campaign, social media

Marketing Hospitality

Baby Blues BBQ experienced great success with a few locations and was ready to see real growth. To achieve that goal, they brought us in to further develop and define their brand, strategically identify new regions across the US to launch, and authentically raising their national profile.

virtual reality (VR) goggles for Samsung and Lionsgate by experience marketing agency Upper Diamond for product launch  

Marketing Technology

When Samsung needed to launch its consumer VR division in a highly targeted way we collaborated with Lionsgate and the premiere of Hunger Games to deliver exclusive VR content to an immersive launch event at NYC Comic Con.


Veggie burgers, Award Winning BBQ and Dry Martinis as well as the following…

Custom Learning



Work with Learning

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Upper Diamond is the name of a lake that sits high above the timberline in the Rocky Mountains. There are no posted signs that show the way and massive snowdrifts often obscure any markers left from any previous explorers.

When I take friends to Upper Diamond I have to explain that there’s no visible path and that depending on late winter snow, the time of year or frequent lightning storms we may alter our way. The path is always different and yet I know we will  get there because the process for charting the course is the same.

This is similar to how we approach projects. We set our sights for the top taking in the known and unknown variables. We can’t tell you each turn in advance, but experience gives us confidence that we’ll find our way.

DAVID SPITZER. Upper Diamond CEO | Creative Director

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