Our multi-platform marketing built huge BUZZ before the doors ever opened

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Crafting the in-house brand experience
while generating a media frenzy

The Marketing Campaign: Creating and Meeting High Expectations
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Standing out in the LA restaurant scene is tough, and any time you remake an American icon the stakes get even higher. When it came to launching Glazed Donut Bistro the idea was to both embrace the comfort food angle of a donut shop while combining it with the sophistication of French pastries.

Add a beer and wine license and you really provoke interest. Our approach was multipronged – develop the brand story, translate the brand expressions for the in-house dining experience and tease the brand in the social sphere before launching.

So how did a first time restaurateur with an untested concept get so much attention before his shop even opened? By making the untasted tangible. Online bloggers, foodie websites and traditional media outlets are hungry for a great story but also skeptical.

This meant we needed a real differentiator. We focused on the juxtaposition of seeming opposites – artisan pastries and a donut shop, sweet and savory, and beer and wine pairings with donuts – to grab attention. To help them remember we penned a tagline that says it all: “Donuts For GrownUps!” Who could say no?

donut bistro
Los Angeles might have just broken the internet… Lovers of sweet and savory treats are going absolutely crazy….”
– Phoenix NewTimes

“Donuts AND Alcohol? can we move in?
No, seriously, can we?”

Targeting The Audience

To make it appeal to the key demographic of 22-35 year-olds with disposable income we had to make it fun and social ready! Within the marketing campaign we came up with the tagline that says it all:

” Donuts for GrownUps “

For visuals we combined the innovation of these artisan creations with the celebratory backdrop of champagne, select wines, and micro-brews.

The experience feels more like a special event than just satisfying a craving. To create pre-launch buzz within the marketing campaign, we teased with exclusive first looks for our closest media outlets and enforced a specific release schedule for their articles.

Getting my @TUMSweets and heading to @Donuts4Grownups RIGHT NOW. OMG. This MUST be what heaven looks like.

We developed follow-on stories to seed article after article to build momentum and we began converting fans even before their first visit. We then expanded channels and the variety of outlets. The story spread like wildfire!

Glazed Donuts social media clippings

“I can’t say for sure,
but I think this place might be heaven”

Building a fan base online

For the in-store experience to translate online, we used professional hero shots of all the images that were framed with a subtle, earthy toned backdrop to make them pop.   Our messaging was designed to appeal to the hip, foodie culture.

Leveraging an award-winning third wave coffee partner, we activated the brand across multiple platforms, focusing on the brand’s core values to create an active, online lifestyle community for Glazed Donut Bistro.

Since Glazed Donut Bistro’s launch they’ve had lines out the door and have sold out of donuts every single shift!

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