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Samsung and Lionsgate logos


Creating An Immersive Experience

When Samsung needed to launch its consumer VR division in a highly targeted way we collaborated with Lionsgate and the premiere of Hunger Games to deliver exclusive VR content as the cornerstone to an immersive launch event a few blocks from NYC Comic Con.


How do you bring visibility to the launch of Samsung’s Consumer Virtual Reality Division while building buzz for the final installment of Liongate’s largest franchise?


We knew that the demo for the emerging VR market and The Hunger Games were early adopters and avid social media users. The Hunger Game fans were obsessed by the futuristic environment portrayed in the movie. What if that world could be recreated in NYC?


Capitalizing on The Hunger Game’s rebellious theme, we projected the iconic Mockingjay image as a Beacon throughout Manhattan and pushed SMM traffic by utilizing a simple hashtag. We also generated buzz by day with 120 sidewalk graffiti symbols. We focused on high footfall areas such as New York Comic Con, the Apple Store and NY’s Samsung HQ.

Samsung VR and Mockingjay


Together with revolutionary technology and the futuristic blockbuster movie franchise, the clever use of projections and street graffiti in high traffic areas in close proximity to the event proved to be the right choice.

We grabbed viewers attention and drove people to co-branded events with GQ, Teen Vogue, Maxim, MTV News, and US Weekly.

Product Interactions
Cars Driving by Projections
People Walking by Projections

Samsung behind-the-scenes build out

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