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The Quiet Giant

World’s Largest VC is Not Best Known

Huge Portfolio

New Enterprise Associates has a broad and deep network of portfolio companies across multiple vertical sectors, yet a slightly lower profile and brand recognition than they would like.


Helping to Tell the Story

Even a firm renowned for their deep bench of experienced partners and history of success stories neeeds to get the attention of the latest generation. This especially matters when college-age, early-stage entrepreneurs may be creating the next wave of IPO bound startups.

Working with the NEA brand in a way that resonates with their audience, from conservative investment professionals to budding entrepreneurs is just one of their challenges. From events, to investor gatherings, and web strategy Upper Diamond is the firm they ask to tell their companies’ stories.

Complex & Nuanced

Relating Investment to Performance

Distilling the Message

From Groupon to Bloom Energy to Healthcare plays in China, the investment portfolio of NEA is broad and diverse. Upper Diamond is often tasked with telling stories about NEA investments, which means quickly conveying a company’s value proposition and often subtle positioning in relation to the competition.

Complex Stories

We love to be quick studies, getting up to speed fast to communicate complex stories across multiple industries covering dozens of NEA companies.

Updating Partners

These videos play from their website and in person at NEA’s annual partner meetings – where investment partners come to hear updates on current investments and to evaluate future funds. Most recently, NEA 14 became the largest fund ever raised: $2.6 billion USD.

Events & Promotions

Connecting to New Companies and Fresh Ideas

Chicago Ideas Week and SXSWi

An important part of the strategy

NEA presence at places like SXSWi and Chicago Ideas Week is an important part of their strategy. It helps them network and allows them to connect to young entrepreneurs, fresh ideas, and new companies.

Just being there is not enough. Whether it involves having the double-platinum band Weezer play an invitation-only concert or helping put on a multi-product launch party these events can promote their cutting-edge portfolio companies and reposition the NEA brand.

Our Role

Upper Diamond’s role in these events is multi-faceted. We have helped produce events and promotions, captured them on video, and created polished assets that pass on the buzz they created to a broader audience.


We produced a music video of a SXSW Interactive networking event that featured Groupon Founder/ CEO Andrew Mason on keyboards and an NEA partner on vocals.

Distribution was limited to select investors, and helped position NEA’s gatherings as exclusive and one of the hippest places to be at “South-By”.

Event Media

We have produced assets and captured video for NEA in the US, China, and India.

For NEA’s party at Chicago Ideas Week, we created a high-impact video loop to play on stage and in the reception areas.

The video celebrates local NEA success stories and conveys the message that the NEA event is where the connections are made to bring innovative ideas to market.

Product Promotion & Social Marketing

Also at SXSWi, we helped launch two NEA-funded applications, Loopt and Tabbedout, through an effective two-day series of parties and cross-promotions, which leveraged the social strengths of each.

From a Jack Johnson’s ukulele to book signings with Zappos’. Founder/CEO Tony Hsieh to rounds of free drinks, the promotion had people running across town, dancing in the streets, and downloading the apps to participate.

Of course, Upper Diamond was there to capture it all.

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