Promoting and launching the new social feature at SXSWi

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Geo-Local Social Commerce

Proof of Concept Needed

Targeted Mobile Deals: Loopt was re-launching their social geo-local mobile app at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi).

They asked Upper Diamond to help deliver a two-day series of events and promotions to highlight a new feature: the ability for merchants to offer local, targeted deals to users of the service.

Fun app-driven giveaways and events spurred usage among early adopters

Creating Excitement

Social App Leads to Social Fun!

Pre-event Buzz

Before SXSWi began, we reached out to 3,000 attendees via email and social networks, helping them download the app so that they could register to win amazing swag like free round trip tickets from Southwest airlines and Jaw Bone boom boxes.

In Austin, we backed this up with street marketing designed to nurture the buzz.

Ready, Set, Go!

The catch: to win you had to be at a geo-targeted location within a short time frame before the offer ended. When the call went out people were literally running across Austin to claim their prizes and talking about it afterwards!

The promotion ended in a flash-mob style party with dancing in the streets and a free round of drinks.

Get Ready!

Step 1:

Download the Loopt app

Step 2:

Receive the Notifications

Step 3:

Start Running

Step 4:

Perform the Tasks

Step 5:

Get Rewarded


Investor Interest Leads to Sale

Capturing the Buzz

Of course, Upper Diamond was there to capture the excitement around the new feature and create a cool video to tell the Loopt story to investors. And here is the real success story: Green Dot bought Loopt for $43.4M – largely for their move into the social commerce space.

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