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Connecting To A New Generation

Story-Based Challenges Create Learning Opportunities

When the Ken Blanchard Companies decided to relaunch their flagship management training course Situational Leadership II (SLII), they came to us to strategize how to update their core intellectual property for a 21st century learning environment.


We worked with Blanchard early in the development process, mapping out how video and other media would play a key role in the updated course – whether delivered in person or online.

Story Videos

Together we came up with a structure with interwoven video. The videos utilize a diverse collection of characters first introduced in a 30-minute long dramatic story that appears in pieces throughout the training.


The story characters also appear in pairs in manager + report videos, and in personal statement videos. These vignettes bring to life the nuances of the content and make it relevant by wrapping it in a story-based context.

Television Quality Content

Raising the bar for the SLII course relaunch

Experienced Television Team

We hired two experienced television writers and worked with them and Blanchard’s executives and instructional designers to create a narrative piece and 18 shorter videos that would be engaging and memorable.

13 Actors, 8 Days

The bar was set high by the writing, but we set out to surpass it with television quality production that would blow away everything else on the market. We filmed for eight days on office sets and sound stages with 13 actors, scores of extras and a custom music score.

Success in the Classroom

Blanchard knew they had media worthy of an industry leading training program, now it was time to see how the revamped material played in the classroom.

It’s A Hit

Creating Valuable Conversation Points in Training

The updated SLII course was a huge hit in testing, and the videos were consistently rated as the high point. They created valuable conversation points in the training, and were so memorable the people taking the course even reported discussing them at home with their families.

With fresh new media and instructor flexibility, SLII is in prime position to spend another decade as one of the nation’s top leadership programs.

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