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Deploy Broadly, Quickly

Vetted Content Developed into Regional Initiative


Kaiser Permanente had looked at in-person training to improve patient care and customer service, but realized it didn’t have the reach to cover all of their clinics on the islands.

We developed an interactive, multimedia course that reinforced teaching through real world scenarios and reflected Hawaiian work culture.

Culture Shift

Organization Development for Kaiser’s Hawaii region wanted to change their culture by enhancing the customer experience, decreasing accidents, and improving patient care.

Focus on Communication

After some discovery meetings, we realized all of these initiatives could be aided by a program that boosted provider-patient communication and taught customer service tailored to a health care organization. View the course here.

National Rankings Rise

The program rolled out with unprecedented completion levels.


AIDET was the cornerstone of a comprehensive campaign we helped implement that resulted in an increase of their CAHPS scores and NCQA ranking from #47 nationally to #18.


Cultural Considerations

Equally and Differently Valuable

Local Flavor

While delivering thoroughly vetted instructional objectives we needed to consider the differences that make Hawaii unique. Maintaining a person-to-person connection and using local conversational styles would make the difference between a truly relatable course and just another mainland export.

Employees, Not Actors

To ensure authenticity, we chose to rely on video scenarios primarily showing actual Kaiser employees who could present the customer service methodology in action and as examples in the course activities.

This approach played to two of our strengths: creating well-scripted and well-directed narratives, and working with a combination of non-professional actor employees mixed with professional acting talent for the more complicated interactions.

Program Ambassadors

As a result, we had 25 in-company ambassadors who had participated and talked up the program, and achieved a feeling of authenticity that says, “These are the real people in my company.”

Practice Reinforces Learning

Interactive Video Feedback

To ensure retention, we incorporated scenario-driven activities throughout the course. These interactive video scenes allowed learners to apply what they have learned in “real world” scenarios.

Upon completing the course, learners received credit in Kaiser’s LMS and a job aid to help them continue to practice on the job.



Engaging Content Flow

Engaging Cues

For the instructional content for the course, we used animated graphics to help learners remember important concepts explained by the voice-over audio.

Warm and Fun

The feel balanced warmth and fun with the import of the new communication style being taught. The voice actor was local, and helped to maintain the island feel.

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