Connecting General Managers across the Globe

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Creating Custom Content

Adapting great principles to fit a global culture

Build It – And They Will Come

It is one thing to build a new business networking site for peers to communicate with each other, but to get them to actually use it is another.

Our compelling activation campaign helped it change the way our client does business.

Business Networking Site

General Managers run hotels, often with great autonomy. However, this freedom means they lack an onsite peer-to-peer connection to discuss challenges and opportunities, or to hear about new ideas.

The solution was to build a business-networking site. As a family of hotels, Hilton has a well-established reputation, but faces challenges when changing the way business is done.

Connecting Needs to Brand

As the rollout drew closer, it became clear that this level of culture change would not be accepted without an engaging activation campaign.

The center point of the activation campaign was this video – connecting external branding of the chain to the needs of Hilton GMs worldwide.

The program’s response was so great Hilton doubled the network capacity and rolled it out to an additional usage group – all beyond the original scope.

Multiple Goals, Limited Time

Brand alignment, show value, tour product, teach sign-in, testimonials – all in two minutes

In Their Own Words

Quick user adoption is important for a business network, so HGI needed to overcome any initial resistance their GMs might have to it. Validation from trusted sources matters, and testimonials can help.



Twenty-five GMs were introduced to the network before rollout and we interviewed them for authentic quotes, which they gladly offered. We used their words and photos in the campaign and the video.


The Results

The program’s response was so great they doubled the network capacity and rolled it out to an additional usage group – all beyond the original scope.

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