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Connecting with your customers

Whether it’s a product launch, an IPO or refreshing a familiar brand we get the conversation started and make it visual.

Engaging with your people

Top business gurus, global brands, and SMBs trust us with flagship products, custom learning & engagement content.

Our Specialties

Some people love us for our video, some for our interactivity. We are technology agnostic and draw on what works best to make your story stick.

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Custom Learning Solutions

Prepare Employees for a Rapidly Changing World

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One Size Does Not Fit All

We can help you create innovative approaches to kickstarting change, adapting to disruptive technologies or making headway in emerging markets.

Sometimes the target is as specific as developing first-time managers with technical backgrounds. In this case one-size approaches like Management 101 definitely do not fit. Working with your team we can design curriculum, in-person events, and blended or e-learning programs as we have for the U.S. Air Force, Bain & Company, and Rambus.

Multimedia Makes It Impactful And Trackable

Engaging visual design, compelling videos, interactive puzzles and games, and custom quiz-feedback loops connect the learner to the material and make it stick.

When blended or fully e-learning approaches are called for our deep experience in multimedia makes it impactful and motivational.

Getting Buy-In Tailored To Your World

How a program is launched can be as important as what it delivers. We excel at listening to your situation and customizing a rollout campaign to maximize employee impact.

At Kaiser Permanente Hawaii our approach was multi-layered: we started with compelling trailer-style videos focused on benefits to the employees, then launched internal OE and L&D websites featuring a new approach to e-learning.

We built a custom e-learning program that taught competencies and new perspective and we even made a compelling news story like video about a first-in-the-nation breakthrough everyone could be proud of.

The Results

Over a 4 year period, KP Hawaii’s national survey scores improved from #47 to #18!

Brand Stories

Maximize Audience Impact

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Developing Brands

We have done brand development and strategy work for companies ranging from the hottest startups in Silicon Valley to national restaurant chains. We excel at grasping the nuances of a company’s positioning and products, distilling complex or multi-layered concepts into clear messaging.

Whether repositioning an established brand or building a new one, we know how to communicate a brand story in a way that maximizes the impact on the audience.

Producing Memorable Media

Getting your brand or product in front of people and having them remember it is crucial. We deliver intelligent and effective media that creates memorable stories, brand ambassadors and point of sale moments that work.

We have produced product launch videos for Blue Jeans Network and CTB/McGraw-Hill, live event media for NEA, executive interviews for Groupon and Care.com, sizzle videos for Disney and Boeing, and many more.

Social Marketing

Connect Consumers to Brands

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Setting Up the Conversation

Social marketing works when the interaction connects consumers to brands they care about or want to learn more about. You don’t show up to an event, tweet or share unless you have an opinion. We work with brands to establish customer loyalty and trust so that marketing becomes a two-way conversation.

Finding the Sweet Spot

The more passionate the connection, the greater the network effect. We help craft custom marketing messages that hit the sweet spot on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in-store, or even a building-size ad in Times Square. When those messages connect, we continue to engage with fans so that gets the good word passed around.

Crafting Brand Experiences

Standing out in the LA restaurant scene is tough. When we handled marketing and PR for the opening of Glazed Donut Bistro, we hooked fans on the sophisticated new take on a classic comfort food (even offering Dom Perignon with donuts). The launch was a nationwide media sensation, with lines out the door for weeks.

Work With Learning Brands

Great Content Needs Great Delivery

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For the past 17 years we have worked with top business gurus such as Tom Peters, Peter Senge and FranklinCovey adapting their material to multimedia. We’ve made interactivity where learners feel their choices matter, and produced award-winning story-based videos that help companies tackle new markets and stay at the top of their game.

Creating Flagship Multimedia Courses

In 2013 the Ken Blanchard Companies re-launched their flagship product Situational Leadership II and chose Upper Diamond to work with them on content design and script writing, including the production of over 90 minutes of television-quality stories.

Partnering To Make An Engagement A Success

For content creators who do not have large operations, we can help develop a tailored solution for a key client utilizing our varied expertise in program and media development. Or we can create an offering that works for one client and can also be sold to others down the line.

We partnered with Mach 2 Consulting to create custom content for management consulting firm Bain & Company, working closely with them to create an enterprise-wide training program. We focused on capturing the client’s unique workplace environment and conducted shoots across the U.S. and Europe. They successfully rolled the program out worldwide.

Startups and Strategy

Get Your Message Heard

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Whether you are developing a new product, starting up a new company or looking to turn around your brand you need a vision, a plan forward and milestones down the road.

All of this needs to be backed up by evidence-based metrics to ensure you hit your goals, and sometimes a little coaching is useful.

Strategy Charts the Course so the Market Can Find You

Our launch videos introduced tech startup Blue Jeans Network with a splash internationally. We have built startups and we continue to be well-connected to the community nationally. Our work with NEA, the country’s largest venture capital firm, continually introduces us to top emerging companies, and working with StartOut we mentor entrepreneurs.

Sometimes strategy provides the vision for a brand turnaround. Baby Blues BBQ’s brand had a lot going for it – perhaps too much – we refined the essence of their brand which now resonates in their restaurants and across social media.

Mobile Media

Social, Local & Mobile – The Triple Crown

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Connecting Fans to Celebs and Brands

Attracting an audience, particularly if they have to first download an app, is a big challenge. Converting them into brand ambassadors is the true test of the depth of your engagement and ability to make the brand story relevant.

We helped develop and launch the official BTS tour app for the Chris Brown and Trey Songz national tour. The app combines the social feeds of not just the tour stars but also those of other socially relevant influencers who drive this demographic. We created contests and an overall campaign to encourage the creation of a community around the shared passion for music. The fans love it and keep coming back for more.

Connecting Mobile to Local

Brands can also use mobile apps to connect with consumers at the local level. When Loopt re-launched their social geo-local app at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), we helped organize a two-day series of events to highlight the ability for merchants to offer local, targeted deals to users of the service.

The geo-targeted giveaways led to flash-mob style parties at SXSWi, and the move into social commerce helped Loopt get acquired by financial services company Green Dot.